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Red Deer River - Alberta
Comments: Red Deer fishing is great. Browns are big, Goldeye just left so little slow. Caught 26 Browns yesterday.
The Bow River - Alberta
Comments: I had read about the Bow and the great fishing many times, but until this fall, I had never had the chance. I was in Calgary for business and figured I'd bring my rods and tackle, hoping to get a chance on what many call North America's best trout river. I spent the last afternoon of my trip south west of Calgary, about 20 km's. Everything I have read is true. Great fishing, lots of fish and lots of water. The only problem I found was finding a place that wasn't already occupied. I had equal success with fly fishing, bait casting with power bait, and casting spinners. If I'm ever back in Calgary, for business, I'll pack my rod again.

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