Fall Fishing Season in High Gear!

The water is cooling off and the days are getting far shorter. The roar of fishing boats has already subsided on many lakes as many cabin owners have put their boats on their trailers and pulled their docks out of the water. The Sepetember Labour Day Long Weekend is usually the unofficial end to summer across the Prairie Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. For the dedicated anglers, this means less fishing pressure, fewer boats, and fish that are turning from their summer laziness to early fall feeding.

If you have always wanted to tes tout the fishing at one of the drive to fishing lodges further north, this is the season to do it. With the Canada / USA border closed to tourist traffic, fishing lodges are experiencing vacancies usually filled with American visitors. Take the opportunity to get up north and enjoy some of the best fishing for Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout in the world. The fishing lodges are welcoming new groups of guests each week. It's also a good time to pull out the list of our favorite fishing spots and which one we are heading to for the next weekend. Opening day has come and gone many months ago but there is still time to head out to the lake or stream and create your own great fishing stories for The Campfire.

The Beginning of Hunting Season

The first day of September arrives and the sound of shotguns can be heard as the day begins. The hunting season is finally here and waterfowl are being hunted across the prairies. Big game hunters will need to begin their preparations, getting gear ready and sighting in the rifles for when the rut will be on as the days grow shorter and cooler.

We help connect hunters with the great outdoors in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to enjoy the world class hunting, fishing and camping. If you are looking for a hunting adventure, we help you find the hunting outfitter, guided hunting trip, fishing lodge, or campground that matches your outdoor quest. Check out our Outfitters, Guides and Lodges pages. Many hunting outfitters are still operating despite the closed border to USA tourists/hunters so now it the time if you have ever wondered what the guided hunting experience is like. We can tell you from personal experience, it is something you can image don't really understand just how good hunting can be, until you have hunted with the professionals.

We help connect hunters and anglers with the great outdoors in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to enjoy the world class hunting, fishing and campgrounds. If you are looking for a hunting adventure, we help you find the hunting outfitter, guided hunting trip, fishing lodge, or campground that matches your outdoor quest. Check out our Outfitters, Guides and Lodges pages.

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Late Season Camping

We have some great resources for helping you find that late season camping spot. Our Camping pages include links to Provincial Parks in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. As most families pack away the tents, sleeping bags, and prep the trailers for storage, campgrounds open up for the hearty campers who prefer the quiet coolness of fall camping. Wondering which campground suits you best? Check out the provincial park ratings in the links just below for each province or go straight to our listings of Provincial Parks and Campgrounds.

With the late start to camping season this year, Provincial governments are extending campground operations a little longer this year offering some great late season camping opportunities with full services. Get out and take advantage of the remaining great weather days before you need to winterize your camper.

All three provinces now have an online campground site reservation system.

Happy Camping!

AB Camping comments:

Included by Huffington Post in 15 Of The Most Stunning Camping Sites In Alberta. Why you should go: Wind surfing, rock climbing and daytime picnics by the lake. (posted: 2016)
- Bow Valley See more Alberta Park Ratings Go to Alberta Camping

SK Camping comments:

We stayed at Lakeside A campground. I feel this/ beach/park is run down. Not at all up to standards of other provincial parks. Campground is on a side hill and many sites don’t have a level pad to park trailer. Maintenance did bring us some blocking. Campsites were not clean nor fire pits. Beach area is clean enough but has tell tale signs of a park that has not been kept up. Dead trees with broken and falling branches, gravel in cobblestone sidewalk (not wheelchair friendly) gravel in paved parking lots, no “perks” at Echo beach other than a little playground and dock Pasqua has ice cream and mini golf. Many people fish in the swimming area in the evenings (at least 20 each night) so fish hooks. likely in the water. I feel more information about what to do in the area should be made available at the campground or beach. - Echo Valley See more Saskatchewan Park Ratings Go to Saskatchewan Camping

MB Camping comments:

Falcon lake campground is becoming really run down. The washroom & shower facilities are disgusting. The toilets were continuously plugged, doors falling off the stalls, crumbling infrastructure and filthy. There appears to be little supervision or standards for grounds keepers and cleaners. They drive around in golf carts all day playing games on their phones. We witnessed them drive right over garbage! They told us all they do is change toilet paper. Sites are not cleaned when vacated; the beach is not raked and garbages are overflowing. There appears to be an adequate amount of staff but they do nothing. Too bad as it is a nice spot. - Whiteshell See more Manitoba Park Ratings Go to Manitoba Camping

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